What We Offer for Your BEST Recovery

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage is an injury specific treatment using deep and light pressure to increase circulation, reduce trigger points and increase range of motion. This style is generally a mix between deep tissue and Swedish massage styles. 

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage takes advantage of the many forms of trigger point release and a general deep pressure throughout the treatment.
Deep tissue work may lead to bruising, this is common in some areas of the body and is sometimes necessary in treating high-trauma areas as it brings nutrients into the area and causes the tissue to heal in a more healthy way, decreasing your pain and increasing your mobility. 

Orthopedic Massage
Orthopedic Massage is based on the application of Physiotherapy. Using movement with treatment, this massage is booked for 30 minutes, for specific treatment on 1 area. This massage uses very little oil, and like Deep tissue massage, it may leave bruising. Maximize your results in a short amount of time.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is beneficial for your changing body, all pregnancy symptoms change from person to person, but we all know the body undergoes MANY changes in the months leading up to and after giving birth. When you book in for this appointment make sure you state how far along you are so your massage can be prepared ahead of time to avoid any loss of treatment time. 

Go Massage offers professional massage at your office and sporting events, Simply supply a semi-private room and we bring the rest!

Please contact us through our book now page for more information on availability and rates, if you are interested in having us at your office, have your manager email us, or you can send us a message via the book now section with how to contact your management to have massage in your office.
Rates vary based on company insurance policies, half-day, full-day, or multi-day requests.